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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  September 2, 2010 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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maryland. >> fill the boot, why you will see fiirfighters tanding at and there are justttwo days left. your second to the last chance to win justin bieber tickets.
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good mornnnn. itt' thursday, september seccnd. i'm patrice harris. let's get a checc of our forecast. see what is happeeing with hurricane earl. here with all of that information, gooddmorning. >> itts etting closer. good morning tt you. weeis have a tropical storm warnnng for the northern part of ú%t seeing a whole lot in the area right nowwbut you see to the south ann east, there's ear3 %-and coming our generalmed eye dirrction. expect to see it move off of th3 we are in the 70s and very commortable, a warm start, saliibury at 68 and 933ddgrees ii where we're headed for the high. it wwll be a hoo one once again. we will keep an eye on the tracking of earl in a few minutes. rye now here ssthe traffic edge. -> reporter: if you are
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you are looking aa a dissbled car. you're looking at an 11-minute ride from 795 to 955with a high-speed of 55 iles per hour. it will remaii clear from 99 to 833 that will take you 11 minutes as well. yoo're lloking at an average speed of 555 iles per hour theree -he corridor remains clear from whitemarsh to thh beetway, youure looking at a 4-minutt drive with an average peed of 54 miles per hoor. that's the traffic edge report. pptrice, back to you. governor o'malley signs declaration of emergency in preparation for hurricane earl.3 the storm iisexpected to hitú maryland early tomorrow morning. megan gilliland is live with the latest on the trail of damage he good morning, megan. >> reporter: good mornnng, earl has bben rippinn through -he atllntic over the past few ú%ys and now he s headed our way, steaming toward the eastee3 seaboard, with winds gusting up to 140 miles per hour. this s what earl looks like, up clooe and pprsonal.
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carolina later today and an emergency has been declared made here,'s been one earl is expected to hit maryland around 1:00 tomorrowwmorning and mmma is already talking witt local jurisdicttons twice a day. and each day it gets more aggressive as to what actionsswe actually do. last nighh as an xaaplee3 governor opally an!!! mallly anr oo ocean city et to discuss. ocean city will need to be evacuated. the governnr will be briefed again later today. stay with us through the storm. we already have a crew down in ocean city right now. todaa i will e heaaed down there, too. we will be bringing you live reports on exaccly how this storm is affecting our region and the holiday planss
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megan gilliland, fx 45 morning nness ffoecasters are keeping a close eye on hurricane earl as %-it's a categgry iv storm right now and any ship could out most the populated part of the country in danger. we are joined byycraig frrm good morningg ccaii. %-patrice.r: good morning, we're expectinn hurricane %-thhs is one of the mmst powerl huuricanes to threaten the coast in years. few people areerisking. %--> reporter: president obama -as ordered federal agencies to cooodinate efforts ahead of hurricane earl. the governors of north carolina, virginia and maryland have declarrd states of emergency. can tell what is going toof us happenn news we''e hearing. storm that is a big storm. it's a major hurricane.
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>> reporter: esidents and ú%evacuate the outer ú%aters are tryinn to keep their vessels safe during an unceetain >> he time that the hurricane we try to be produced and make sure that thh boat doesn't get damaged. >> eporter: for tourists, the guesswork can be discourage. >> we will come back, maybe not this time of year. >> repprter: many locals plan tt ride out the storm. >> whee you leave you can't get back. ii the road waahes out and the afternnoankhanxiety of not knows being here is worse than stayyng make sure to at a with foo 45 for the latest information on %-we will have coverage tonightt 5:30 and at 10:00.
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a viiwer like you help police captuueea man suspectedú of raping a 9-year-old girl ann giving her an std..3 at the ather win apprehension task force policeman the lnes as they profiled tte mannon ú%iday. just a few days later police were able to take him into custody based onninformation they received from a fox 45 viewer. >> we got a tips that michael basee on that tip, we went oot >> i don't need no -- he was. chile sex abuse..3 charged with child sex abuse. you can see all of the wanted suspeccs by oing to and going to the news feature section. -p city's state attorney
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patricia jessamy is bringing e3 campaign into your liviig rooo. >> since jessamy took over, violent crime is down, robberieú ann crimes are doww dramatically. >> her ad sites crime numbers from the past 10 years andd3 doesn't mention her oppooent ú%rnstein. meanwhhle bbtter ttanstein is a nnw suppoot. >> stay with foxx45 for the laaest information on the go to and click news features ection. some shoe less firefighters will be on the loose today hopiig you will fill thh boot joel d smith is live at pikesville where firefighters are ready to help out with the competition againstteach other. >> reporter: good morning,
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patrice, good morning, everybody. %-fireffghters right now.ty we are starting with the city firefighters of the you havee33 ddne very well with all f these goes down, you guys keeppgetting more and morr each yearr you got to be impressed withh3 that. >> we have increased our collection the last 5 years old in a row. it was 72 last year, we want to -oo80. you got to remember that the ballimore fire department is the busiest fire depaatment in the state of maryland. responses as well as tryinggto we want to thank the citizens of baltimore and all of compannes, and the uppression and ems that go out and fill the boott >> reporter: it's so gratifying, you know when you ú%%-helping.ds and how much it's it's not just a boot and money. you have seen what it actuallyy3 >> yes, we have sent 40 kids to the camp at at maryland.
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we take them to ball games and things like that.ú a lot of these children are confined to a wheeechair,,so the camp and the ball gamee and different things we do are so importantt stuff.orter: that s a good you don't always see and thaa ii what we wanted to tell you about kkep that in mine, today through monday when ou see the boot out there, make sure to fill them uú -hether you're in the city or the ounty. joel d smith, ox 45 morning news. ú%> you can support the muscuulr dystrophy association during the at our ssster statioo at wc cw balttmore. coming up he is the jus jusi bieber.ú ♪ >> and your chance to win ú%ckets to his sold oot show ú%ming up sometime this hour. i'm emiiy gracie live at
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maryland state fairgrounds where ww're at animal world this [ female announcer ] new real fruit smoothies from mccafé are real fruit,
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as in strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and bananas, which makes them really delicious. ♪ that's what we're made of. ♪ celebrate a great summer and
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there's no better wwy to do that than by heading out to the meteorologist state fairr meteorologist emily gracie is live at thhs morning's hometown hot spot. >> reporter: good morning, patrice thattduckling is only the starr of the animmls you can i'm joined y the 4hers. and this is joe. tell me bout the animals
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looking be the folks can actually ttuch. >> here we have an alpaca and a llama. the llama is the bigger one. llamas and alppcas arrn't really too popular around here. >> really, so well, the shhep. the thingssthat sheep are usedú foo. give me a ew examples hhre? >> the sheep are usee for their wool. will be sold and spun. >> all right, now, let's head on because i hink these are absolutely adorable. we have the duuks and the ducklings, the ducks maybe not a good thiig to touuh but we were holding the tuck icks. ú% the ducklings arr 7 days old. for more information log on to. patrice, back to you.
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♪ ♪ have been and it finalllú started out on this. at this year'' fair will be that concert featurrng justii bieber. he will be performing september 5tt. the show s sold out, but you can win tiikees here at fox 45 we are giving away our second to the last pair of tickets and we're going tt do ittsometime before the end of this hour. right now, we want to just ggt you intt the fair for free. you can wii a family 4-packkoff3 tickets to the maryland state caller right now at (410)481-45455 meteorologist steve ferrig.ú the fair is good way to take your mind offfof hurricane earl. that's right, patrice and at the fair it should be okay with a mix of sun and clouds. 933degreee for the high and 8 and 80 for friday and saturday. at the fair, no coonerns, really, ut it's of course, near
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county, the iinaad part of worcester ent under a tropical storm warning and a hurricane watch as well. %-area.úeeping an eee on that ú%e weet side of the chesapeake3 baa. here is what he got on sky hd radar, not a whole lot going on. it's dry and it should remain dry around ere, but as we move to the south where hurricane earl s, it's category iv again3 ú%attpart is good news, however, and trong winds ffr the ocean city area. notice as it becomes the category iii hurrrcane as itt3 passes off ouu area, as it winds. three miles southeast of ocean3 city. the closer viewwtakes it out to ocean ciiy. the winds could be upwards of %-15-20-foot aves.nd high aa
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it could be highee than that, 20 to 2553 some of that activity may move into thh southern part of the chesaaeake bay. you see the southern area, those are tropical storm winds moving our state. that issthe area that ii most ú%lnerrble as we have been sayinn or ssmetime now. as ii moves past us. we got a look at a couple of brewing out there. fiina not a concern as it moves tooard the nnrth. there's gaston out in the atlantic ocean, weel in the that ne is goinn to stay sommwhere out there for sometime before it makks any threaa %-caribbean.toward the we will keep an eye on that. most of these this time of year meanwhile, high pressure is going to pull huuricane earl out to sea and away from the ccpe
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hatteras arra. drier air moves in bind this as -- behind this as we get into the rest of the weekend. -emperatures ii the 70s all ooer. should get uu to 89 degrees or so. all right, 87 or the eastern shore with partly cloudy skies there beforeethe ccouus really increase later tonightt for the central paat of thhe3 state,,mostlyyclear skies, 93 for the high and the western part of maryland will enjoit moot sunshine. the high temperature of 93 as overnight a mild 68 degrees, looking at temperatures dropping off a little bit tomoorow, 89, most of ussnot being affected by 80 degrees for it looks likety saturday and we stay in the low 80s all the way ttrough labor ddy, 87 to 90 for tuesday throogh wednesday. ú%nday and labor day.3 here is lauren cooke with the3 trackkedge. >> reporter: thank you, -ell, theeaccident that we were ddaling with this orning has cleared in baltimore city.3
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it is right onneast biddle street. drive through the mchhnry -ou fortunattlyyit hha been ú%nfined to the shoulder and we're not dealing with any live lok at liberty road. you're looking at an 11--inute ride froo 795 to 95.ú if you're traveling the ddiveway attparkville.3 no problems to tell you about. ú%ll nntice the cars are moving along the outer loop fine. if you're using the northeass corridorrof 95, nothing to gett3 in yourrwwy in the whitemarsh area. you're looking at a 4-minute whitemarsh to thh beltway. from %-patrice, back to you. report, thank you, lauren. stilllto come, the citt takes a gamble on a new ind of3 sidewalk and loses. >> it's failed iserablebly and it didd't meet standards. they should go back to the company approximate ss!! and saa
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refund. >> hhwwmuch it cost to iistall next a man takes hostages as %-network.and television the viollnt end to the standoff and the maniffsto
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"sporty two-seater" they had on my budget. uh-huh. and the seats go all the way back. (announcer) settling for less is not smart. what is smart is getting more car for your money at carmax.
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for the money you'd spend on a stripped down new car, you could get a fully loaded, guaranteed-quality used car at carmax. now more than ever, the smart choice is carmax. the way car buying should be. situation at the discoveryage building at silver springs. a mmn alked into the building with a gun and possible explosivvs and held people hostage for ours. nicole collins explains the suspect had a history with the %->> reporter: after hours of ú%aos and what police call emotional negooiationss a ú%stage situation at the -afe releese of three hostages
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and the deathhof gunman ames >> it's reported that he pulled out theehandgun that he came ii with and pointed it at one of3 the hostages. at that ppint, ouu tactical they shot tte suspect, the all starttd around 1:00 in the afternoon when lee armed with a handgun and appeared toobe explossve devices ssrapped to his body walked into the discovery building and told everyone to stop moving. at thh height of the situation, area as people evacuated the builling, including small ú%ildren at a daycare located inside. in end nooe of them or discovery channel's 1900 employees were injured. >> alllof our employees are >> eporter: officials are familiar wiih lee. protesting outside of the he has also been llnned to an online ma manifesto that emands
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-he disccveey channel stop discourrging the birth of par set ic infants. >> he didn't like discovery channel. he felt they should be doing something abouu thh environment. >> reporter: after lee's he spent 100days in jail for -isorderly conduct and was ordered tt stay 500 feet awayú from discovery headquarters. -hat part of his probation expired two weeks agg. in silver spring, maryland, i'm nicoleecollins. ú% story fall.a man survives a how witnesses say he managed t ú%eat deatt. hh failed so miserablely and they ssould go back to company and say we want a
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september starts off with a of manufacturing in the u.s. nd chinchina.ú dak an!! nasdaq anddsd sales tank, toyota the biggest winner during cash for clunkers posted a 30% sales an 11% drop, but chrysler sales rose by 7%. auggst was the likely worst sales month. steve jobs into doesed the latest line uu.úproducts includf ipodssand upgrades to operating system for the i phone, i touch
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unveiled a smmller version of i t.v. it cost $99 down from $229. for business brief, i'm stan case. still to come it's yyurú chance to see justin bieber live in concertt stay tuned for the opportunity to win ttckets to hhs sold out show.ú huuricane earl incces closer winds gustiig upward of 110 miles per hour. i'm megan illiland. when e is expectedd o it maryland. and i'm joel d smith live in pikesville where once again it's stray ahhed we will tell you -here you will find these boots around t %
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welcome back to fox 45 ú%rning news. 6:30 issthe time. yoyou're taking a ive ook over -he inner harbor. a lot offpeople are thinking about hurricane earl and wondering what it wiil do to our area..3 hurricane issbel caused a lot of problems in our downtown and surrounding areas..3 this tiie not so much is whht the hope is. good morning, i'mmpatrice harris. lettcheck in with meteorologist steve fertig and see hat we can ú%pect. in the inner harbor u you're yog to say we are not goinggto ggtta we may feel a little wiid
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out here, not much, really. it's the worcester county. this is where it's headed in our general desex. we will e watchiig closely as ú% moves to he north and west of where it is right nnw but then takes a turn to the north -nddeast assit moves off of cape hatteras. %-for the same area so tte ocean city area and points north and soutt, obviouuly keeping a close eye on earl's progrrss as makes seaboard. hhre is what we riiht now, dry it's definitely a different3 situation than it will be for the eastern shore. %-clouds will be moving ahead of it. -7 degrees, temperature wise it will beefeeling pretty gooddú 68 in sals bur salisbury and hed towardny. right now lauuenncooke has the traafii edge. >> reporter: thank you, steve. if you're ttaveling on the weet3 side of the beltway, you wwnt to
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watch out for a disablee car along the outer loop at reisterstown road. it has been confineddto the pretty slow ride as we take a look at olddcourr road. you ill notice the volumeeis starting o pick up along theú outer looo lanes. if you're traveling ffom 795, tú 13-minute drive with an average speed of 38 miles per hour. ii will remain clear whereú you're looking at an 11-minute ride with an average speed of 54 miles per hour. traveling south from whitemarsh to the beltway, you're lookiig at a 4-minute trip with an aaerage speed of 54 miles per hour..3 that's the traffic edge report. patrice, back o you. -p hurricane earl moves full steam ahead cllsing in onnthe eastern seaboard.3 theestorm is exxected to hit governor o'malley has already ú%gned a declarationnof emmrgency, nd megan gilliland is headed to ocean city to ring uu a live report of the storm.
6:33 am
beffre she leaves she is here tracking earl and the tale of daaage. eaal has been treeking through the eastern seaboard headed our3 way steaming toward us with winds gussing up to 140 miles per hour. ttke a look at thh sooe of the damaae it has done already, republic in thh caribbean with a %-he i-- vengeance. nortt come toward on hatteras island traffic was backed up for miles as peoplee3 are trying to make thhir way to safety. >> my gand arent!! grandparentt reallyyafraid. i eel as safe thhre as i ouldú >> reporter: an emergency has been declared in north carooina, and ttere's one here, too. morning.
6:34 am
mima is talking with local jurisdictions twice a day. anddgovern ow!! o'malley is dvg holiday travelers not to travee toward ocean city at the height of the storm. wife's and riptides during the storm. the ood news ii many ffrecaatees arr expecting good ú%ather over tte labor day weekend affer earl passes.ú -ox 455morniig news. officials in ocean city say they are preparing for the worrt but hoping for the best. the beecc patrol squad swimmers ú%t to go in the water past their knees becauue they think the condittons are already too they say rip currents can comee3 out of nowhere and then disappear justtas fast. even thouuh ocean city doesn't appear to be in hurricane earl's %-50 miles per hour could still whip up the suuf and beach erosion. we're going to sse tropical3 storm winds, a littleebit off3 rain, elevated tied and after that the rest of the weekend isú expected to be bbautiful.
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>> llbor day weekenddis normally a bbg boost to ocean city's economy. ú%nnal angus agenciee say they e definiteey experienced a decline for the nuuber of bookings being madd for the hhliday. news for a continuing coverageú agent about the concerns thate coom up with a hurricann. p>> stay tuned to fox 45 for the lateet information on hurricane earl. we will have continuing coveragú from cean citt tonight at tte news t 5:30 and 10:00. a state senator is facing charges that he took bribes. princeegeorge's county enator he worked as a consultant for shoppers warehouse withoutú disclosing thee ork. he received payments from $3,000 in 2007 ffnds never reported onú
6:36 am
government ettics form. the curriees attorney released a -tatement saying that thh charges brought by the u.s. attorney office are unfounded and senator currii ill plead not guilty to thhse charges. in the past his colleagues ave a man of high nteerity. he is aalegislator which is very compassionate about issuess hat afffct those of us that are ore challenged. o'mmlley says this is a ad day for he people of prince george's county ann senator currie personally. peoppe hhve the right to expeet highest ethical service fromm3 their pubbic servvnts. he has sttpped down from theú taxaaionncommittee but he is still running unopposed for his3 senate seaa. one city bllck took a $25,000 bite out of baltimorres budget. the city installed 1700 ffet of rurubber sidewalk as part of the
6:37 am
pilot program. it turns out the rubber siiewall didn't even last three years and it cost three times as much. the city had to spend another 8 grand to thennchange it back to the original material. it's our duty toe t to hold out if yyu see governmmnt waste cal3 yyu can go tt foxbaltimmre.coo and click on wais aste watcc. a man jumps off a 40 story building in manhattan andd survivvs. thomma mcgill fell alllthe way down and landed on a car, but the only injuries he received, two brokennlegs. mcgill is in the hospital3 recovering this morning.3 the oonnr of the car he landed on, crrdits he rosary beads hanging inside for saving mmgill's life. interesting.
6:38 am
the lay or day weekend is dystrophy ssociation and firefighters are ready to oo3 their part again. last year firefighters nationwide collected $28 million..3 jool d smith is liveeat ú-goong on.where the ampaagn is >> reporter: good morning, it's that time of yyar again. ffll the boot cal pai boot camps toddy. >> he county raised $76,000 orm the coonty raised $111,000. -he city raised 76 thousands. >> reporter: it's big numbees and they have beenngging up.ú let people know what the money >> the money stays local.3 it goes to fun the week long ssmmer camp. we have aaclinic at john hopkkns, pediatric !! adult andú
6:39 am
-ls linic and we provide repairs to medical equipment also. progress. how are we doing that?3 >> we are doing great. we ave research projects all over the country. we're finding different treatments, you know, to keep -ff the, you know, keep the diseased from progressing and leng eninlengthening the life ey of our ccients. >> reporter: until then we are going to keep up with it and %-starts today and goes through sunddy. let's see who wins today, the firefighters. ú%el d smithh fox 45 morning news.ú well, youucan support the muscullr dystrophy association during the jerrr lewis mda telethon onnour sister station the cw baltimorr. jennifer gilbert sundaym, septemmer 5tt through the sunday september 6th.
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to beea meteorologist.
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kids are back in school and you know what that meaas. weather kid wednesday is also back n session. if you would like yoor kkd to be a part of our weattee kid wednesday prograam have aú teacher, a principal or aa3 counselor send in their information to our ssatiin, 000 west 41sttstreett 21211 or you can go to ourrwebsite at today is he ind of day that ú%e some help. teve fertig can he is hereeto look at what is happening with hurricane earl. thank you, patrice. a tropical storm warning in place for the inland part of the -wrcester countyyand a hurricane
6:43 am
watth for tte same art of the watch onnthe west side of the chesapeake bay and that will be take a look at the sky d adar -nd that looks pretty good..3 nice, dry conditions out there. what we are watching is thee3 ppssibility of that is coming close to the eastern seaboard down toward ocean cityyaroond the worcester county area. all of the computer mooels that means that thhy're going t3 hhve aassrong surf as well and youusee it move tt the east of us anddii becooes a cateeory cai 625 miles southeast of oceanú %-can yoo see thh closer view as it tails off to the north and east. -f you notice, tropical storm-force winds in the orange, moviig over the southhrn part of the chesapeake bay and into the eastern shore area.úú%ttat aaeae ú%rong winds and that is -xpected to have an effect on
6:44 am
the southern chesapeake bay. -ll of the impacts. and once we get to 50 miles per %-meanwwile fiona moves north as -t stays east. gaston is out theee as you know. we will keep anneyy on that, and in the atlantic make its wa. we will keep eye on that one. %-hurricane earl ouu toosea and that will accelerate once t gees past us. and aa much drier air moving in3 and the rainshowers giving way to drier conditions. we're looking barred to !! forr3 holiday weekendd 75 ind.c. and 68 in salisbury. here isswhat we looking up at 75 deggees with a south wind at %-foo the central part of the state, 93 degrees for the high3 wiih mostly sunny skies, south
6:45 am
winds at 5-10, back o the west 93 degrees as well with a lot of sunshine for you. tonight 68 degrres, mild over night with pprtly cloudy skies, mostly cloudy if you're toward the easteen shore as you will b3 ccoser toward earl. tomorrow 98 degrees with more cloud cover, cerrtinly the eastern shore a of some rain that could be eavy in the eastern most part thh region. -0 on suuday and a lot of sunshine througg labor day. 877and 0 for the tueeday and wednesday. theebeach near 80 deggees for -he whole abor day weekend with a lot of sunshine. %-pattice.d it back to you, thank you, steve. you can track the storm online. get the latest on wheee hurricaneeearl is expected toogo by oing to fox roadways, lauren cooke is here with the traffic edge. %-paarrce.e: thank you, well, ii yoo're traveling n -oward county this morning, you do want to watch out for some ddbris on innerstate 95 along the northbound llnes at cat tale creek. live, and thh highway is tryiig
6:46 am
tooclean p some gravellthat a truck has actually dumped on to %-ii you are traveling on heewt side, fortunaaely a disabled car on the outer loop at reisterstown road has clearrdment we are left with delays at old courr road where speeds are clocking in along the outer loop lanes. you're lookth at a 16--inute ride from 795 to 95. if you're travelinn the parkway story checking a different stooy. ú%ey areemoving along as you33 make the push south ann better than that the west ide. if you're sing 83, no problems to talk about, cheeking in nd taking a live ook at warren road. it's wide open and you're -ooking at a 5-minutt trip from shawaa road and the jfx will be clear from 695 all the way downtown to
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news this morning, flying and out of bwi tturgood marshal airpoottwill be a lot safer. they will join federal aviation ooficials that will go toward improving the pavement. it it's expected to streamline travel and provideebetter cooditions for airline personnel at theeaarport. the national aquarium as graced baltimore's landscape for 30 years. now it's time to celebrate. the anniversary starts today. they aae expected to discuss the launch of the national aquarium foccs on the protection of the world's aauatic eco system. today the obama first negotiations between israal and the palestinians in nearly tto years. %-president and israel president
6:50 am
sat down with obama earlier this they are hooing that it will lead to an agreement on the crration of a palestinian state. a gathering oo middle eastt3 %-wednesday as president obama once and for all. >> do we have the wisdom anddthe courage to walk the path of ppace. all o us are leaders f our ppople wwo no matter the languaae hey speak or the faith they practice all seek thh same things to llve in security.ú >> reporter: it's the first direct talks between israeli and -alestinian leaders sincee3 the meeting scheduled forrthree hours startinggon thursday at the state. >> we seek the peace that will end the conflict between us once and for all. we seek a peace that will last for geneeations, our children's generation and the next. >> is sign an agreement, find an
6:51 am
end to a very long period of3ú struggle forever. ú% speaaing ffom the rose garden with secretary of sttte clinton, president obama urged the leaders to take this chance. this moment of opportunity may not soon come agaii. we cannot afford to let it slipú away. now is the time for leaders of courage and viiion to deliver the peace that their people deserve. >> reporter: u... officials -ee the sides to meet again ii the second week of september. another meetinggbetweenn3 president obama abbas could be coming up in the 7:00 hour, ittwill be here before you know what you need to do to get ♪ ♪ know for sure ♪ tha ttat i lever let go ♪
6:52 am
a sold out concert right after the break. 6:5
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>>as hurricane earl approochhs our area safety is priority one. beyond getting out of harm's way there's other preparaaions you should make to recover from whatever damage might hhppen. allstate has this morning, and you have a cheeklist of what people can run down prior to any weather that could be impactingú >> let'' go through the liss. some people may not think of this. one is to conduct a home
6:55 am
inventory recorring all of your possessions. iiknowwthat is not something i have. >> correct.3 we ecommenn that folls keep a centraa ocation of thh house that has tte important -ocumentt, the hooe be nanc ins. and importaat numbers they may want to call. numbers and all of that information for your household stuff. >> this is all about being ú%epared. if we can get folks to makeeas good of invennory asspossible of theii most prized and valuable positions at the time that they need to ake off because of an %-get rid of damaggd trees and limbb that kind of thing in youu regard..3 >> absolutely. the winds that the storms can create a huue risk if you have trees overhanging your house.
6:56 am
wwtch where you're parking your car obviously. it comes as a forethouuht that you park your car undee a big3 tree. if a storm comes throuuh, you might want to think about that. ú%>safety is first but this is the time to thinn about hatt3 kind of coverage you have on your car and what kind of >> would recommend that you take a quick look at your coverage haae access to the information. if youuhhve gotten a notice ffo3 your compaay that mayye your %-probabbl check on that make se yyu're okayy >> should somethiig appen, you guys have mooile crews ttat can process immediately. >> absolutely. this is something we workk24 hours, 365 days a year. we are 100% repared for this. we have five mobile units that are en route to tteemmtropolitan area, down in the north carolina they are prepared to help folks, file claimm nn take care of
6:57 am
>> hopefully it's all minimal. -e appreciate ou coming n with %-ii's great informaaion to kno, ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the moment i have bben thinking ♪ ♪ it's inalll starttd out ♪ n this. >> tte 11 best days of summee are underway. and ooe of the biggest -ttractionn at this year's he will bb performing live on sunday september, 5th. the show is sold out, but you could win tickets from us right now, the be thh 10th caller at (410)481-45455to win a pair -f tickets to tte show. don't win today, you will have3 one more chanceeto win tomorrow. make sure youustay tuned for that chance. coming up in the 7:00 hour, avoid it like the laying or tips on ggtting throughhflu -eason without getting sick. >and i'm joel d smith live in
6:58 am
spikesville where the fill the %-to try tt help jerry's kids..3 up next what is the average
6:59 am
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>>now on fox 45 morning news. each day it gets nor aggressive on what we actually a declaration of emergency as hurricaae earl barrelssttward
7:01 am
maryland. %-of the big storm and howects mmryland is preparing. a man takes hostages at a maryland teleeision network. the violent end tt the standoff and the manifesto the man leff behhnd. it's noohing to sneeze at. an expert takes your uestionsú -bout getting through the flu season in onnepiece. ú%> good morning. it's thursday, september second. i'm patrice harris. lettget to meteorologist steve fertig and see what we can expect. everroneeis talkkng abbut hurricane earl. what it's going to do and when it's going to get here. people who haveeplans to go to ocean city for the weekend which a loo oo peeple do, it will be fine once earl passess that will take time. tooorrow llter in the day it will be ssfer. here is what we're looking at
7:02 am
earl moving up the easteen seaboard headed in our geeeral direction expected to make a turn as it moves away from cape hatteras. and still the inland part of worcester county and also for the same area a hurricane watch in place. conditions right now over the state, not loooing too bad. a few clouds ssreaming into the southern part of he easternn3 76 degrees in baltimore. %-67 and cooler in salisbury and temperrtures are going to climb again today. another hot day, 93, a pretty ú% are expected to talk aboutd a earl's progress anddwhen it's expected to mooe through the easternnshore. right now lauren cooke on the roadways. >> reporter: if you're traveling in howwrd county, you want toowatch out for debris along the southbound lanes oo route 97 at cat tale creek %rive. ú%ying to clean up some gravel.
7:03 am
hhpefully they will gee that cleaned up. ww expect slow speeds at old court road. you wwll see the outtr loop lanes are really going to be jammed. you're looking at a 15-minute drive from 795 to 95 withhan average speed of only 43 miles per hour. the beltway from 95 to 83, you're looking at aa13-minuue drive with annaverage preed of 47 miles per hour and it's gging to slow down iffyou're traveling the nnrtheast corridor of 95 from whitemarsh to the beltway a 6-minute ride with an verage per hour. that's the traffic eege report.3 patrice, backkto you. hurricane earl moves full steam aheed closing in on the eastern seaaoard. the storm is expected to threaten maryllnd's coastline eaaly tomorrow morning. govern o'malley has already signed a declaration of emergency. megan gilliland s headed to ocean city later toddy to bring us a live report from the storm. but she is here with us this morning tracking earl and its >> reporterr you can see
7:04 am
wheee earl is right now in the ú%lantic ocean moving its way up ripping through the past few ddys, he is headed our way. he is steaming toward us, wwthh3 winds gusting at 143 miles per hour. take a look at damage that he has already done. sweeping through the dominican a vengeance. he is expected to impact north caroliinalater today. ú%ndatory evacuations are underway at hhtteras islaadd3 traffic was baaked up for miles as people there tried toomake tteer way to safety. >> my great grandparents' house, stay in there and the ssorm in 44 which was worst hurricane we3 have had. not really afraii. i feee just as safe there as i would anywhere else. >> answeaa emergency has been declared in north carolina and ú%w therees one heree the effects of the storm is expected to reachhmmryland at m irk ma is talking with local
7:05 am
jurisdictions twiie a day andú %-travelers not to travel tt ocn city o during the storm. ú%ter theeearl passessfor the labor day weekend. officiall at ocean city aae hoping for thexpecting the worsg for the best. they think that the conditions are already too dangerous.ú noohere and then disappear just as fastt even though ocean city doesn't appear to be in hurricane earl's direct path, winds up to3 ú%ip up thh surr and cause beach erosion. make sure you stay with fox 45 for tte latest iiformatiin on hurricane earl. coverage from ocean ity tonigh3 and on the news at 5:30 and at
7:06 am
10:00. a hostage situution at the discovery channel building in sslver spring ends with police fatally shooting the gunman. witnesses say james lee as armed and had wwat looked llke explosives strapped to hissbody when he entered the building -round 1:00 yesterday afternoon. about 1900 employees and 100 ú-building but not before lee tk three hostages. investigators say he was angry at discovery's programming and3 this wasn't his first incident with the broadcaster. >> he was orddred to say at least 500 feet away from the discovery building.ú his probation ended two weeks ú%o. it out of building unharmed. a senator is facing accusations that he took brrbesr ffderal charges yesterday after a two year investigation. he worked as a consultant for shoopers warehouse without
7:07 am
ddsclosing the work. he received payments from grew from $3,000 to $76,000 a onth in 2007. currie's attorney says that the3 charges are unfounded and senator currie will plead not guilty to thooe charges. currie has stepped down as chairman of he budget and taxation committee but he isú running unopposite toure for his senate seat. some shoe less firefighterr will be out today hoping you will help fill thh booo for jerry's kidss ww are live at pikesville where firefighters arr willing o help. >> reporter: good morning, we have had the baltimore ity firefighters earlier and now it's time to cheek what tte county has up their sleeve or more importantly n their boot. we hope a lot of money. are you ready to are this, it's ú%ing to be a long, buttggeat few days collecting for jerry's
7:08 am
kids. >> we have excited.ú this weekend that so many other stations don't really, areaa %-we ave actually created websites for eech individual station that youu an go online,3 donatt to the mda, it's an3 ú%sier way for people to be abl3 to donate to s. >> reeprter: the virtual boots you can drop the money into the virtual boot? that. >> reporter:: good. >> it's a secure site. >> reporter: good. >> go to join, also a lot of the guys in the department re on facebook. >> eporter: okay. p> have put it on their facebook -o youucan go and donate at every single station. >> repprter: tell me the average amount when you are on the side of the road and you put out the boot? >> it depenns. we can get anything from $20 to
7:09 am
of change.3 it's amazing how much the add up. coins alone. was $30,000 in >> reporter: the and total -as $$11,,000in the county. the city did pretty well as well. look for them for the next few days. -ou arr watching ffx 45 morning news, aal local aal morning. youucan aaso support theú muucular dystrrphy assoccation during the jerry lewis mda the cw baltimore.3 join us through septembbr 6th labor ddy.3 rupperrberger is figgting to keep his connressional seat.ú we will talk to him. >> reporter: ww are an 3
7:10 am
7:11 am
7:12 am
i'' talking to mark powell and this is something think most folks have noo heard of, -ater meloo seeddspittinn -hat is it. >> it's an old traaition being done for many years. %-you get really moost and you -roject it as far as you can. >> whennthe competition? >> he competitton is at 1:30 to 3:30 at the staae faii. >> i'm going to give it a try. lets see how it goees ú% 3 oh, no. mark, i justtwant to show youu that was 9, but check this out,
7:13 am
ú%meedown hereeall the way down to the end 244 thattis my seed from just a few minuues ago. so i do have game when it comes to spitting watermelon seeds. >> that's a winner. >> all right, back to you, >> thii is bad.3 we all want to practice that -ere and there's goong to be spit marks all over the studio. the maryland state fair is at thh fairgrouuds..3 for more information log on to the crew is goong to be at the fair today. stop by the fox 45 booth to say %-with members of the news team. they say that hate has beenú sent ♪ ♪ so let those who taak of love ú% now, of course one of he biggest attractions at that yeer's fair will be a coocert that show is sold out but you can win tickkts from us here on fox 45 orning news.
7:14 am
we're going to give away oor last pair of tickets o the hoo tomorrow. so make suue you tune in for you can check out the 11 best days of summer on us. win a family 4 pack of tickets to the maryland ssate fair right nnw ii you're the 10th ú%ller at (410)481-4545. let's check in with meteorologist steve fertig. emily did very well wiit the watermelon seed spitting. >> eporter: we will tall about that in a just a bit as well as high surf. at the state fair lookinn good over the next three days, a mix of sun and clouds. highs andd89 tomorrow and 80 degrees, veryycomfootabbe on saturday with less humidity. however, the eastern hore has got our attention because earl has been impactiig that area thh greatest. that is whh e have a tropical storm warning for worcester county inlet area and also forr3 tte samm area, a hhrricane watch in place through tomorrow as
7:15 am
well. ú%d also, we're going to watch on the est sideeof the coastal flood watch is in place ú%ere, to. as far as what we're look at, aú things are quiet right now over tooing miss us as faa as anyoes direct hit. but it will certaanly have an impact on the wet weather there. it coold have as much as a 15-20-foot high possibly. winds that could be up around 50 miles per hour. trooical storm winds and you can see ca category iv right now. and 173-mile-an-hour ggsts as it sits 623 miles to the south off3 ú%ean city. as we take a closer look here i3 what we will find the pathhay ooean city.way from, you can see that would be overnight tonight -nto tomorrow morning mmst likely and then it moves up toward new england osing a threat to the folks up there where it ill still be warm enough to remain a hurricane it
7:16 am
looks like an uuusuaa thing to it dies down in strength. let's how you tropiccl stoom wind thht will beevisitingg it looks like the eastern shore. that is our concern and also the as i said there'ssmore activvty going on out in the tropics as this becomms the busiest parr of tropiial storm season. that's what we got in tropical storm fiona. mainland that it doeen't appear %o be a thheat and our eye is oú %-hoppfullyyit's not a hit as 3 moves further toward the west. undetermined where that will en3 up tracking..3 we will keee n eye oo it to show yoo that it's a very active part of hurricane seasonn as the high pressure movvs off to the east, it's going to help3 mmve hurricane earl awaa from thh u.s. mainland. that is helpful. the frontal oundary gives way conditions as we get into the
7:17 am
holiday weekend. we will be looking pretty good ú%ih a lottof sunssine, cooler temperatures then, too..3 not today, today wiil be a warm3 one. 76 degreessfor the ssarting temperature in baltimore. 74 in d.c. and 77 in hagerstown. if it stops ttere, it will bb very omfortaale. 90s foo the most area.ú 87 deggees ann a little more earl.s oving ii also ahead of we have hhgh clluds mooing into the central part of tte staae mostly sunny and 93 for the3 the western part of maryland getting up to 93 as well. a little more sunshine for you %-froo the impact of earl.away %-68 degrees, a mild night compared to the normal low of 61 under partly cloudy skies. tomorrow 89 degrees, again that is day that we will be watthing ú%osely toward the eastern shhre as far as earl impactt3 866on saturdaa looking a whole lot better. 80 degrres on sunday andee on labor day monday with a lot of sunshine.3 87 and 0 for your tuesday and wednnsday. if you are headed to the beachh3 this weekend, a lot of you may
7:18 am
lalabor day weekend. 78 and 80 for the sunday and monday. and now let's see -- i got ahead ready to do traffic, but that is not yet. you can track the storm online. get the latest on whereú hurricane earl is expected to go by going to now we do want to checkkthe. lauren cooke has the raffic %--> reporter: thank you, -atrice. we do have trouble in east a crash has just crashed into a home at east ffyette street at north deckkr venue. big problems if youure traveling throughhthe harbor tunnel duu to a disabled car. as you check the live look heap, traffic is going to e held. you do want to stick with the if you are dealing with the beltway, we're dealing with a good bit of congestion. notice outer loop lanes are going to be slow at arper road. that willlcontinue as you make the pushhtowwrd providence road. here ii a live look at libbrty
7:19 am
ú%ad, where you can seeewe're dealing with quite a bit of conggstion. you're look at a 50-minute ride from 795 to 95. -e do have acciients in howard couuty that you want o watch out for. ú%interstate 70 at route 40.3 we're dealing with a ebrii on route 977there at cat trail keek drive.
7:20 am
as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
7:21 am
mbers yesterday showed sales from salessand income -axes were down from last yearr it will take gains of 14% to get -he state back before it waa before the economic down turn. city council president jack young wants to reopen the discussiin of police and firefighter pensions.ú the council may chaage to the pensson pllns earlier his ear to help balancc baltimore'ss3 budget.ú ú%lice and fireeighters aren't happy about and they prooeeted downtown several days this week. young says tte city should reevaluate its ecision. said it was a tough choice that had to be made..3 >> since jessamy took over.
7:22 am
robberies have dropped by 2/3 %-down dramatiially. crimes are >> jessamy is bringing hhr it sites numbbrs from 10 years, and it doesn't mention better thanstein. p>> this yar year there's severl people hoping to unseat him. %-with his campaign.e to joii us -p>> it's good to be here to >> arr you feeeing the eat of thhs an he tie incontinual bent everybodyyis talking about.that -p>> i'm in this ob to make aa3 diffeeence..3 i have had a lot of experience in local governmenn and my staff staffs around the country, is
7:23 am
helping people every dayy our staff has helped people save 400 homes. we in the state of marylann are doing better than other states.3 the issuu is joos, and we aree33 goinn to do whatever we can. ú% haae had job fares. we had aapartnership my officeú withú we had 1,000 people come and help them get jobs. we had another job fair about a month ago. we are doinn whatever we can to help the jobs. >> hat about attracting the jobs to the state so eople who need employyent have somewhere to go? >> just innmy istrict, we're to our area. that is why we're doing well in marylandd with those jobssbrrngs other jobb. blur whether you're a ccntractor go to a doctorr a lawyer or whatever. in maryland we reaalyyhave a good situation, it just has to develop. itts nottgoing o happpe overnight, but with the positive issues that are out there that we need to talk about. the heelth ccae billl there's a
7:24 am
-ot of ppsitive information in the healthcare bill. it's going to help seniors. seniors are going to be able to knooked off of their insurance because they have cancer and then they have a heart attack. that is for everybody. we need to gee the facts out there as americans come togethes going a lot of people concerned not haa what it was meant toodo. >> an example of that is geeeral motors. waa or another connected to the car industry..3 we would have lost the car industry in this country. that would have been a esaster. as a result f the stimuluu, the tran mission is iable. ú%'s within of the top plants. ii's in the whitemmrsh area with general motors. state of maryland we haae aúedd3 $25 millionnstimuluu package fixing the baltimooe beltway..3
7:25 am
ú% re mmving aaead witt jobs. it's not easy but we're goong to get it ddne and we haveeto come together as a countty. >> we aapreeiate you coming. >> by the way, the ravens are doing well and tte orioles are doing well. it's going to be a great seasonn tooo absolutely. %-morning news, hurricane earl headed for north caaolina. how residents theee are preparing for the storm. police were out there. >> next fedeeal prosecutors money. what they will do ii they can't
7:26 am
plus add a line for just 9.99. but hurry - offer ends march 31st ! families can connect for less at verizon. but hurry - offer ends march 31st !
7:27 am
p a drug empire. three people have been arrested
7:28 am
including the suspected kingpin. federal prosecutors have the indictment and as keith daniels3 reports, now hey're going after $3 million in drug money. >> reporter: thii is the face oo the men that authorities have labeeed the ing ping oo a violent out raid. he is stephhn back dwelllo wellf -hey re facing federal charre of conspiracy to distribute heroin. now according to the indictment, federallprosecuttrs want to seize $10 milliin in drug mooey from the trio. if they can't cough up the cash, prosecutors will ssize real estate which could include a $740,,00 home blackwell owns on the elk river.ú if we on't do that, will prison, come back home in the a meantime he has a million dollar home that he put n theename of
7:29 am
children.3 >> reporrer: it strechedz frostretchesfrom baltimore to no it links one of many accs to dealers opened fire at a baccyard barbequing injuring 12 people ncluding blackwell the guest and neighbors at the time took cover. >> it was bad, mann it was bad.3 everything wen i came up all the police and sttff was out there. locked up in new york..3 prosecutorsswon't say what led to his arrest but said it's the resulttof a leegthy investigationn invessigations where you'reú are operating undercover andnts purporting to be drug dealers and ngage in a drug transaction. a lot of straaegizingggoes into
7:30 am
these. joinnsteve in the fox 45 weather center. 3
7:31 am
7:32 am
welcome back to fox 45 %-7:32 is the timee i'm patrice harriss everrbody is talking abbut hurricane eerl and what it's even though ww may not take a direct hit, people can't help but to thiik back to hurricanei3 our area and left a lot of3 damage. fortunately, though that is nnt ú%at we're talking about here in baltimore and the surrounding
7:33 am
ccuntt, but the eastern shore will have difficulties.3 that is what we''e going to talk abouttinna moment. meteerollgist steve fertig is people are talking about withh3 this hurricann earl. and that impootant path what it's goinn to takee direct hit but worcester county which is under a tropical storm warning rrght now, has got to be %-a high surf.s is going to come once this passes, we will be looking forward to a much nicer seen air orfossenario for of the weekend. will ring high wiids and surf to the occan ity area. there's more activity in the tropics as well. lluren cooke.t's chec!! now leth >if you're traveling through the harbor tunnnl expecc a slow -ide ue to a disabled vehicce. traffic will be jammed ack to
7:34 am
%-corridor we're deeling with quite a bit oo congestionnthere. takingga live look north the -eltway, the southbound laness3 are going to be slow.3 sppeds are cloccing in at 21 miles per hour. you're looking at a 10-minute3 trip from 95 to 83 looking at a 16-minute ride with an average3 %-things only get worse as we me or way west, from 795 to 95, an arrange speed of 45 mileesper hour. that's the traffic eege report. patrice, back to you. deccaration of energies in emergency in preparation for hurricane earl. megan gilliland is live with the traillof damage that earl has left so ar..3 patriie. earl has been ripping through the atlantti ocean. you can see him out there right now. now he is sweeping toward the
7:35 am
nootheastern seaboard with windú gustiig at 140 miles per hour. close in personal.ú take a look at that. he is expected o impact north carolinn later today. an emergency has been declared there and now there's been one made here, too.. the effects of tte storm aae %-mima has been talking with lol jurisdictions twice a day. %-aggressive assto what actionse actually do. last night as an example from ocean citt hadda connerence caal. >> governor o'malley is advising ú%liday travelers not to driie of the storm. during the heighh will have to be evacuated. -overnor o'malley wwll be updated later today. i will be hhaded down there,
7:36 am
too, and we will bring you live reports of how this storm isú going to affect our region and your holiday vacation plans. -p according to the national hurricane center the cat gore cv storm is expecttd to pass in the outer banks toniggt before %-sandra endo is joining us from advance of the storm, gooding in morning, sandra. >> reporter: , ki tell you right now it's a gorgeous day. and water there.beautiful sky this morning another evacuation order was put innooeffect to this county allng heecoast of north carolina.3 certainly people here and ang although the easttcoast are keeping a watchful eye on hurricane earl.3 many people in south carrlina are stocking up and gearing up for hurriiane arl. >> we are getting stuff for two days, and weegot a gas barbie
7:37 am
exiew ibarbieexiewbarbequeif we. >> reporter: hatteras island is expected to be haadest hitt emergency as many omes and businesses are boarded up ahead of the storm. >> arl is giving s aa oppootunity tt test the %-best team in america.h the safety is always the barometer -reat any weather event. >> reporter: earl's eye ask not expected to -- is not expected to landfall in the u.s. ii will travel off the east coasttmakingglandfall in nova scottia. hurricane watches and warnings are out.ú places like mmssachusetts and connecticut are beiig pulled uu many are hoping that eerl willú pass on y.
7:38 am
and we will be back togetherlyyú again. >> reporter: president obammú signed a desaster declarationn3 the storm anddtheestrong windsof and heavy rain is forrcast too3 hit here later tonightt live in north carollna, i'm be sure tt stay with fox 45 -or the latest information on hurricane earl. from ocean city tonight at the news at 5:30 and 10:00.3 the la labor day weekend ise traditiooal time to givv to the muscular distroug dystrophy assn and firefiihters are ready to o it agaiin joel smith is live at pikesville where the ill the boot cal pain i campaign is kicf again. firefighters that raised money3 last year. the numbers keep going up.
7:39 am
baltiiore firefighters, they're still the top 25, they're goong %-we hhve steve here withhuu. you guys think you can do it? >> absolutely. we are going to do whatever we cannto get innthe top 20.3 -ast year we were 24. >> reporter: that was ú%11,000 what is it going to take to get in thh top 200 >> more than that. you know, i think with everyone weekend, i really do think that weecan accomplish that. ú% reporter: you guys are -hinning that let's remind people, it's kknd f dangerous out there.ú yes, it is. that's the number one thing that we are going to get across to this weekend. i have been doing this for 28 years now. things weee different when we %-now there's a lot more traffi, a lot mmre folks on the road. -e cognizant about the fact that we're out therr. you know, it's a safety issue we want to make sure that folks
7:40 am
know that..3 >> reporter: they will beeout thereetoday and through the weekend. the telethon is on monday and we will get the results. if you're in the city and the county make sure to fill the3 boot. it's for a great cause. joel d smith, fox 45 orning news. you an support the muscular dystrophh associationnduring the telethon at our sister station at cw baltimore..3 join mee bruce cunningham and jennifer gilbert during monday3 september 6th. with kids back in school, it for flu seeson. how many shots you will need to get ttis year.. congestion traveling on 95 in the whitemarsh area. speeds are only clookiig in at -1 miles per hour along the
7:41 am
why is roman meal bread nutritious? two slices provide at least sixteen grams of whole grains and an excellent source of calcium. roman meal bread: great taste and nutrition since nineteen-twelve.
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7:43 am
kids areeback ii school and3 you know what that means, weather kid weddnsday is back in sessionn if you would like your kkd to e a part of the weather prograa just have a teacher send the information an or go to our webe aa now here is the meteorologist steve fertig. -p the, thaa sounds importan. today. of course, our attention is to at east the pathway first. you willlsee the computer mooelú that is here out to sea. all oofthemmtaking it out our
7:44 am
area once it pushhs cape we can see strong wind.ina. worcester countt you're under a tropical storm warning and you'rr under a huuricane atch nevertheless. that will be through tomoorow and the early ffernoon ours. now let's take a look at anotheú area that has gottto be aaare of a possibility of seeing flooding, that is the west of the chesapeake bay. there, here is hurricane earr now. category v hurricane, decreasing in ssreegth but eepect to pass us bb as category ú%3 miles per hour are the gusts and sitting 625 miles south of ocean city at this time. moves away from uss nevertteless it will be strong winds to be a orange rea indicates tropical storm-forre winds.3 the southern part of tte -hesaaeake bay andd oward the eastern shorr, vuunerable for the tropicallstorm winds as it
7:45 am
pushes through..3 that is what we'reethinkkng, maybe by-mmle-an-hour winds or higher possible through -omorrow. it quickly accelerates out of our way. we'rr keeping our eye on tropical storr fiona. it stays a tropical stormm s well. yoo will see far off into the east that is not going to affect the .s. mainnand. there's more, there's gaston and filling in the tlantic ocean as it tracks ffrther toward theú we will keep aa eye because it's farther ttward the west on how that will track ttrough the neet several days. high pressure is our friend. it is pulling, a little bit it's going to ull hurricane earl out too ea. the frontal bo boundary behind i is going to dissipaae. we will be looking a whole lot better as we look ttward tth rest of the holiday weekend. we are looking pass tomorrow.
7:46 am
75 degrees in baltimore and 74 in d.c. 70 degrees in hagerstown, out in tempeeatures will climb once again into the 90s foo most area, cooler for the eastern shore. more loud cover later in the day there, partly cloud skies,ú% mmstly sunny, aad late in the day high clouds spill in from the flounce of earl from the 93 for the high, ack to the west another 93-degree day for you with plenty oo sunshinee3 since you will be the furthest away from the on coming tropical system. it will be mild compared to the normal of 61. %-89 degrres, 00on saturday an3 low 80s the rest of the waa. headed o the beach thiss33 weekend. near 80 degrees, 81 on saturday, 78 a on sundayyand 88 on sunday with pllnty of sunshiie. you can track the storm get latest on where hurrrcane earl is expected to go by going to fox baltimore.ccm/hurrrcane.
7:47 am
%-those roadways, lauren cooke s >> reporter:: thank you,,3 patrice. we do have n acccdent owntown. it'' going to bb along the southbound lanessof martin luthee king boulevard at west ii you're traveling through the harbor tunnel expect delays due3 to a disabled vehicle along the ú%uthbbund lanes. we do have trouble on 99, we're dealing with an accident along the northbound lanes at route 100 and unfortunately some very slow speeds moving through thh ú%itemarsh area only 4 milesspe3 hour along the southbound lanes as we check in and ake a live look, north of the beltway, you willlsee it's really going to be slow. you're looking a at a 12-minute ride. we're dealing with a good bit oú volume. here is a live look at parkville. the lanes are at a sttnd till at harford oad. it shoold be a heavy ride -raveling toward tt yo!towson. as for the wwst side here is a live look at liberty roaa. the outer loop lanes are going to be jammed s well. ú%u're looking at 795.
7:48 am
we have trouble in howard count3 where we're dealiig with a ccass at interstate 70 at routee40. if you're traveling on the harrisburg expressway, watch out foo a car at mount caramel road. ú%at's the traffic edge report. patrice, back to ou. thank you, lauren. still ahead, gettiig vaccinated. it might seem soon to be thinking aaout the flu, but health officials say it's never too arly. an expert s here in our studio forrour take action thursday. if youuhave a question about flu seeson, our phone lines are open you can also send us a tweet at fox baatiiore or go hrough our
7:49 am
as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
7:50 am
the kids are back in school summer, notessabout school wook ú%u season is comiig and with
7:51 am
beet to be protecttd so your whole family doesn't find themselves underrthe weather. the best way to do that is getting the flu shot.ú aad he doctor is taking your phone calls in a few minutes. good morning. >> good morning. >>we'rr already talking about the flu. when does flu season reallyy3 >> it really varies but e alreadd have reports of an up swing in lu activity. it has aaready started and will so it's a good time to get3 the shot. >> as soon as the flu vaccine is availabll which ii already is, that is the time to be >> last year we had the h1n1 shht and the flu shot. >> the flu shot contains three this year the h1n1, has been3 included as one of hhseethreee
7:52 am
>> for the people who got the >> it absolutely is not too is soon. innfacc, therr's booster so getting he h1n1 now which is included ii the seasonal protects you through the whole season. >> who should get it because before weeused to say the young and the old? >> exactly. forrthe first time this year, the cdc has recommended that all months of age and older should be protectee against flu by getting flu shht. >> absolutelyyand that s the thii year we have more flu vaccine avaiiable than in any -eason before.ú and the important thing is, it is readily available. you have already seen signs in ú%ere's a great website, find you go in, type in your zip code and ittttlls you what flu clinics are available in your
7:53 am
vicinity. >> you cannt make it easier than that. >> it'sseasy, accessibleeand it's ssff. >> doctor langley is going to take your calls after the break. %-flu season, theephone linesut roopen now at (410)481-4545. you an also ssnd us' tweet at fox baltimore or even go th we are baak with dr. john
7:54 am
7:55 am
langley, chief medical officer for maximum healthcare servvces. he is takkng your calls about flu season for uu take action thhrsday. if you have a question, oor phone lines are open now at (410)481-4545. you can send us a tweet or go through acebook page. our first caaler is barbara. good morning, baabara. >> with y daughter being the freshmen the first year in college, i wanned to find out
7:56 am
how immortant it would be foo >> it's very iiportaat or anyone livinn in a dormitory3 setting or being in classrooms to be protectedmenttoned. one shot at her age will prrtec3 >> she is going to bb in close proximity. >> good morning. louis. >> i'm calling about the flu vaccine. i receeved tte flu vaccine, the seasonaa one and the 1n1 and i was advised not to get that because of the high mercury and i was told it was risky to do that. >> fortuuately we haved that question time and again. theemercury ontaining antibacterial is absolutely it's been prooen ime and again so you get that flu ssot.oblems. >> all right, let's go to our
7:57 am
web page now and our facebook because a lot of uesttons came through there. sick aater you get the flu shot. that comes a llt. ppople say they get the flu from getting the shot. >> it's a kill virus so it cannot caase theeinfluenza ut it protects you from a somewhat and sometimes deadly disease. >> another one of our vvewers wants to know are the hospitals3 going to make me get it sincee3 i'm pregnant. can pregnant women get it. %-you get it.omen will not maae3 if yyu are pregnant you will need the flu shot rather than >> always in cases llke that ú% e are not going to be sick thii weekk winter. >> maaing the rounns at the maryland tate fair.ú ú%> i got all the peanut utter it's good o get the rides in
7:58 am
first, though. >> find out how much fun iicoull fit into one day. pikesville where tte fill the ttey will be tarting today goong through monday. up next, i will tell
7:59 am
8:00 am
each day it gets more aggressive as to what aations we >> as hurricane earl moves toward maryllnd. storm. ú%ll the boot, why you will see firefighters standing at inteesections starring oday. [ laughter ] >> it's a tough job, but someon3
8:01 am
has got to do it. see f i'm up to the challeege of eating and riding everything at the maryland state fair. -p good morning, it's thursd, i'm patricc harris. i'm egan gilliland. let's check in with meteorooogist steee fertig as ú%rricane arl closes in on maryland. it's spinning offfthe eastt3 coaat south of us headed in our general direction. it's not xpected o maae a direct impact but it will have worrester county area. %hy we have tropical stormm3 and hurricane watches thhough the same area tomorrow. with. once you get past that, the -tronggconditions will continue %-the week.ase for the rest of we headed toward 93 so we will
8:02 am
be hot today. here is liewrn cook lauren cooke traffic edde. >> reporter: we are dealing the main lines.estion on most of you want to be deal with a -oad. we are dealing with extremely northeast corridor of 95. here is a live llok at the whitemarsh area. the oadways are goinggto be slow. %-ride from whitemarsh boulevard to the beltway with an average3 spped of only 48 miles per hour. where you're looking at a 23 men ride with an average peed of relief as you head toward the west side, ither. that's he traffic edge report. patrice and megan, back to you. governor o'malley ssggs a deccaration of emergency in the storm is expected too3 threaten maryland'sscoostlinn3 gusting up to 140 miles an hourú
8:03 am
he is expected to impact north carolina later today. an mergency has been declared there and of course, now one here, oo. mima is already ttlking with3 llcal jurisdictions twiie a day. and each day it gets nor aggrrssive s to what acttons we actually do. ú%at night as an example governor h o'malley, and mayor from ocean city had a conference call to discuss the concerns and we bbcome mooe iivolved at thh >> overnor o'malley is advicing holiday ravelers not to drive to and oceanncity during the height oo the storm.3 the governor will be briefed again latee today. according to the hurricane storm center the category ivú storm is eepected to pass the outer banks before continuing on ww are there with the
8:04 am
precautions that eople are good morning, sandra. >> reporter: good morring, patrice. right now it'ssbeautiful. the weather is perfect, the sun and shining and the waves look ú%azing. that is why a lot of eople out here are coming ouu to the beach to take some pictures and lock at the beach before the storm arrives. thhy're certainly keeping a watccful eye on the cattgory iv many people in north carolina are stocking up nd gearing up ú%r hurricane earl. >> just getting eeough stuff for two days in case we ggt ssuck in. we have aagas barbeque.ú we are going to barbeque if we need and a lost drinks. >> reporter: the mandatory evacuation went in eefect on wednesday for ha!! hatterassissd ú%ich is expected to be haadest hit. many homes and usinesses re boarded up to weather the storm. p> early hassgivennus an early opportunity to test hurricane readiness with the bbst team in
8:05 am
america. for north carolina and how wee treat any weather event. not expeeted to make landfall in the u.s. many forecast models ssow it will travel juss off of the east coast making landfall in -ovember !!novascottia. still many of the stooms will feel the winds. hurricane warnings are out. ú%who are seeing their neighbor3 -eave own are hoping earl will pass on by. >> maybe w wwll go by quickly ad we will be back together again. >> reporter: the governor of press cooference urging everyone to eed the arnings to evacuate where there's mandatory evacuations in place which has spread earll this thi!! morring. president obama has signed an
8:06 am
emergency declaration in advance of the storm.3 a lot of precautions being taken ii advance of the storm. thaak you, sandra. makk sure you stay wiih fox hurricane earl. weewill have continuing overage from association cit ocean city3 a hossage situation at thee3 spring ends witt the shooting of the gunmaa. to his body when he ntertd ente about 1900 employees weree3 evacuated from the buildiig but not before lee took three hostages in. programmiig. the three hostaggs made ittoutt3 of the bbilding unharmed. a state senator facinn accusations that he took bribesú senator ulysses currie was
8:07 am
indicted on federal charges of taking bribes. currie reporttdly received in 2003 to $7,600 a montt in 2007. currie's attorney released a statement saying the charges -rought by the office are unfounded and senator currie will plead not guilty to those charges. he has stepped down as chairman offthe tax and budget committee but e ii running nopposed ffr3 senate seat. joel d smith is live in pikeeville this morning where %-bit, too.s are ready toohelp good morning, joel. >> reporter: gooo morning, when ii comms to collecting and filling the boot, theecity county firefighters and everybody ins because a lot of
8:08 am
in last few years, the kenn hhsy has been winning the competition. let's go over the nuubers. >>baltimore county raised $76,000. >> reporter: people want to -now how is that money used? >> fund a suumer camp nd clinic at johnnhopkins, adultt anddpediatric linics and we help withhthe repairs of medicc3 equipment as well as the rrsearch roject. >> reporter: sometimes the ú%refighters themselves have a connection to this dissase. ú% if nnt they are goiig out to filling the boots they find that some of our firefighttrs have families hat suffer from neuro muscular diseases so they're helping each out. >> reporter: that's why it's so impprtant to fill the boot and try to ffght this disease. you can support he muscular
8:09 am
dystroppy association during the jerryylewis mda elethon in our sister station the cw baltimore. join patrice, bruce cunningham aad jennifer gilbert on sunday september 5th, through lab fo!!laborday september 6th. ú%> coming p it was a clooe encoonter of the gagakind. ♪7ú whh ome people in miineapoois probably hadda hard time keeping a poker face last weeeeed. and i'm emily gracie live iú maryland staae fairgrounds wher3 p
8:10 am
8:11 am
do you have an ppetite for good time..3 ú%tisfy your hunger at the maryland state fair. >> emily gracie is live for the
8:12 am
homettwnnhot spot. good morning, emily. >> reporter: i want to show you, it's not all bad for you. take a look at some he fruits anddvegetables. %-fromm here does this all come >> it's raised here at the stat3 of maryland and a lot oo it is used heee at the state fair. >> you are going to show mm how to cut a waaermelon. >> you know i can spit aa333 watermelon seed 24 feet. >> that's wonderful. -nner the contest. you're goong to come in and sslit water melon down thh ú%nterr put your knife right in here and you will cut it wide pen. yyu have it and then grab a hal3 and quarter it which -- rrn it this way. we usualll cut it long ways, quarter it. they got a quarter and then you takk a quaater and turn it..3 >> e get p and eaa it. >> you can dd that as weel.3 >> we are out of time, wayne,
8:13 am to work oo theú ladies, this looks delicious, but i'm going to eat it all on my own. ♪ 7 ♪ since the moment i have been ♪ and it finally started out on this ♪3 %-attractions at this year'' far will be a coocert featurinn justin bieber. he will be performing live on suuday september 5th. you can win tickets from us right ere on fox 45 morning news. we already gave a pair today,ú but you can tune in tomorrow morning for yyur chance to wine our last pairrof tickets..3 you intoothat fair for free. you can win a familyy4-ppck of tickets to the maryland state %-caller right now atth (410)481-4545. -p>> ggod morning luck. >> let's go ahead anddcheck in with steve. while we're talking aboot
8:14 am
fair forecast. cloudy skies and 89 and 80 forr the friday and saturday. of course, it's tomorrow mmrning early that weerr watching the tropics because, weel, actually moving out of the tropics,,but 3 tropical system, i should say moving up the eastern seaboard toward us. right now dry scan verhhad. lookkng pretty for the time we are keeeing an eye on this on the computtr models because they're all indicating that cooing close to us is huuricaneú ú%rl but not quite hhttinggthe as can you see righh off the eastern shorr staying out to to be highhr and winds of 15 ves 15-30-foot will be a potential probllm for that area. that is why we have a troppcal storm warning in place for it3 looks ike wooster county and the same area a hurricane waach in ppace. even thougg this looks less
8:15 am
you mighttkeep in mind and improvement as it speees up the hurricaae category iii will be once ittpasses byy it'ss369 miles to south of the ocean city. the closer view shhws it missing us but there's a concern as it hatteras an speeding up and takg any possible problems with it. the orrage moving toward the mouth of the chesapeake bay nd shore. that is why we have thh warnings -n place and watches, too.33 -e will be looking at a whole lot nicer see scenario for thh t we are looking at fiona which is going to stay well out of our way. -e are not concerned. nottthat e're not goiig to e3
8:16 am
concerned with fiona as well..3 ú% let you kkow thatt hhre'swant more to cooe that we need to the high ressure is north and ú%st f uu is gging tt help mooe hurricane eerl out to sea and prevent it from moving furthee west which would have been a bigger problem. once it movee out of here, the frontal bo boundary, will bring coollcanadian air and ww will %-weekeed.ce comfortable temperatures wiil be in the loo ú%s for tte laborrday wwekend. once we get past tomorrow and a concern for earl we will bee3 looking a lot better. 71, and very mild all ovee.3 salisbbry and 722 hagerstown. cooler for the eaatern shore. a few more cloods, partly cloud3 there. look for mostly sunny skies foo
8:17 am
but more clouds in the wayyof -igh-level clouds in the ay of earl movement to the nooth and the east. 93 degrees going to be warm not just for the centrallpart of the -- he central paattas well. mild, 68 egrees for thee3 overnight low. 89 eggees, cooler by a ffw degrees. look for the temperatures were weekend.e down nicely for te saturday, 80, 80 again oo sunday with a lot of sunshine. 83 on labor day monday. 83 and 87 for monday and tuessdy. ú% you are heaaed to ocean ity, good idea to leave later tomorrow if you'rr leaving friday at all. saturday, we're looking aa a prettier ddy with mostly sunny ssies, a lot of sunshine sundaa and monday. temperatures in the 80s for the entire weekend. send it back to you, megan. you can track the ssorm online, get thh latest oo where hurricane earl is eepected to go. by going to
8:18 am
now, let's go ahead aad check ii with lauren cookk with the traffic edde report. >> reporter:le with, we do haveetrouble in northern baltimore county where we're dealing with a crash at corvette road and it's going -- watch out ú%r a disabled car at mount it's leading to ddlays. no problems to report on theú jjx. it should be an easy ride. %-city at northeastern parkway. if you're using the main lines, %-congestion. with a lot of it's going to be an extremeel slow ride frrm whitemarsh to the beltway. no elief as you hoppon to the belttay. the outerrloop lanes are at a stand still right now, it's going to be slow as you make the %-as for the west side, we're dealing ith a little bit of volume but igher speeds as you3 can check in and take a look. ride from 795 to 95.1-minute a little it of aarelief aa you hop over toothe west siie of the
8:19 am
%-that's the trafficcedge repor. patrice and megan, back to you. coming up she is a worldwide pop fen national n ppenomenonn >> where lady gaga showed up thht ttok everybody by ssrprise. >> wait a mmnute, you tood me to >> next, i'm usually up for jjst about anything, but am i up to the challenge of taking on eve
8:20 am
8:21 am
is thh place to be. all of the fun eedd in a few days so i wanted to etg i want n
8:22 am
before it ends. this week's up o the challenge, i do it all. couldn'you could not ask fora better day to be at the fair. nothing but blue skies and plenty to go. this one looked fun. >> am i ready.reaming, yee-ha. i headed out, but i need a partner. >> if i start screaming, are ou going to tell me it's okay.ú >> it's okay. >> owe, let's go. and we did. we're not falling. >> no..3 >> he was right.ú ú%'s okay and lots of fun.3
8:23 am
>> okay, we survived. p> now that i survived that. i felttbold enough to take oo another ride, a little more dariin. >> roller coaster with a lot of action. it drops you down to the ground. >> i got to go find somebody to meet, it's so ice to are ou a roller coaster rider. >> are you? >> will you go on this with me? >> yes. >> my new buddy sarah is with me. sarah, are e readd? yes. >> safe us. this is faster than the vertigo, but i loved every minute of it. it's thh clicking noise that get you. [ cheering ] [ laughter ] >> sarah. >> yes. >> we survived. >> yes. p> how do you feel? >> i feee great. we're best friends foo life now aren't e? that was a bonding experience. >> with all f that riding i had
8:24 am
it was time to visst one of the most popular booths at the fair, the deep fry stand. >> i will fry anything. i on't care what it is. we will try to nce. if we like it, we will fry it twice. for me he was trying one of his newest co concoctions. a buckeye. before i could grab some pep tte, they were readyy >> it's hot. it's a good thing i did tte rides, thirst, though. >> from the smeel of deep frred goodies to the smell of farm but it was time for me to walk a >> why does he track that way.3 >> i'm glaa therr's no goat cologne for men. i would be lonely brred out there.i don't think ice thh goad what i said. wait a minute, you forgot to tell me to watch out at the baak en. we didn't get off to a great start and it didn't et much better. >> i don't want to go this way.
8:25 am
let's go. -his is not as easy s it looks. it wasn't easy, but i gott3 if you don't mind, i'm headed back to the rides. >> the maryland state fair is a3 the timonium fairgrounds hrough september 6th. for more informationnlog n to if you would like tt challenge me, gooto still to come, ii adds -lavor, but can ttke away fromú your health. the innrediints yyu shoulddcut ú%ck on to create a better you. ♪ ♪ next the pop staa walks intt a a joke.
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8:27 am
8:28 am
she is knownnfor outrageous costumes and person a a stage but afttr an impromptu visit to ú%local bar in arizooa, the ssng cerrify surprrsingly down to earth in reel life. we have he inside scoop on the pop star visit. >> i think it's one the best bars in st. paul. features the most independent music. 12:30. >> early wednesday orning the turf park roke new ground. >> she is very pleasant, friendly, a fun wwy to end the >> after finishing the second of two sold out shows, the superstar lady gagaastopped by thh bar for an impromptu drink last two ssows.3ed about her
8:29 am
in fact, she commented how much she liked minnnsota ann win city fans. >> reporter: bartender watched as a singer who called a creature the black llgoon and danced to the song aadrogeus by even though nonn of her cds wwre in theejukebox. >> she said thaa one of herú friends had meninggd the turf club. >> reporter: >> i thinn i text messaged about it. it was like two minutes we were in the car. the paparazzi for fans in an old fashion photoobooth. >> you are expected to go like highbrow fansly nightclub. >> reporter: whiie most customers were able to keee a
8:30 am
encounter with the ddnce diva? going gag ver lady ggga now. >> i can't lie. converted me. [ laughtee ] >> not a lot going on. >> lady -- >> no.3 >>830 wil8:30 is th and get an lg env touch.
8:31 am
or get this samsung alias for just $29.99. plus add a line for just 9.99. but hurry - offer ends march 31st ! families can connect for less at verizon.
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but hurry - offer ends march 31st ! 3ú welcome back to fox 45 morning news. i'm patrice harris. i'm megan gilliland. meteorologiss steve fertig is hhre with the details of hurricane earl. he is mean but is not goinn state although it will have an effeet.ú take a look at the sky hd radar. you're seeing theespinning motion of earl headed off the %-because of theehigg surf and strong winds we're under a tropical storm winddwarning for
8:33 am
tomorrow morning and a hurricane watch. these winds are going to be strong 500mile opiiionnhour winds or even ggeater thaa it could pay a toll and we ant you toopay attennion to the -otential for heavy rain, too ii the eastern moot parts of tte -rea. high pressure continues to bring us nicc weather in thh meaatime. 77 degrees right now ii the same for d.c. and cooler out %-also down oward the south and east. 93 for the high, it will be another hot day. we talk about earl's progress and when it's expected to come e do have trouble in downtown baltimore whhre we're dealing with a crash along the southbound lanes of martin lutherrking boulevard at west using 95 movinggthrough the white whatever reawhitemarsh ay congestion. -ou're looking at a 31 minute--e
8:34 am
ride from whitemarsh to the this ride takes 4 minntes. ú%e beltway will remain heavy from 95 o 83 where you're look agooalooking at aa24-minute rid. a little bit oo reliee as we head west, from 795 -- excuse me, 95 tt 95 you're looking at a 17-minute ride with an average speed of 17 milessper hour.ú that's the traffic edge report. hear the stories we are following this morning.3 huge hit duriig the recession. ú%mbers released yesttedaa showed revenue from sales and income taxes were down nearlyy4% from last year. officials saa it would ake gains of 14% over several years %-turn.efore the economic down ú% reporter: i'm joel d smith at pikesville where the fill the boot campaign has sstrted here.
8:35 am
i'' here with lieutenant gob bob schulz. what numbers are yoo shoottng for. >> $1500,00 with that raise, it wwll get uu into the top 20. >> we have the fiir depprtmmnt famiiy, there's several eople that we are familiar that have family. ú% eporter: be careful out there aad filllthe boot as much as you cannú since jessamy took overú violent crimes have down. and murders nd crimes are down dramatically.3 her camppign to your living room. her ad tarts airing todayy -t sites rime numbers from the ú%st 10 years and doesn't mention her opponent gregg bettebetterbernstein. be a bbtter you, rom
8:36 am
ú%tness to beautt to eating right, we want to help ou become the beet version of youuself. today we're talking about two i3 ingredienns found in food that can have an adverse effect on weight and health. we are joined his morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> no one ants anything that is going to prevent them from losing weight is that is what %-theeingredients we're talkingú >> llt's start with sodium. you can't seem to avoid that. what is te ppoblem ith the sooiuu??3 ú% sodium is harder tooavoid than mayye even sugaa. >> yes. >> with sodium, it's in everything. a lot of people buy microwave dinnerr and the sodium levels are unbelievable. sooyou think thhttyou're doing something to help with weight loos or to be healthy, and in fact, it's actually really not. >> what does the sodium do to your health?
8:37 am
>> high levels of sodium especially if they're not, you know, monitored can lead to heart disease. >> yeah. >> can leaa o high blood pressure, and also hypertension. >> and thissbloating, you retain the water and you don'tthave a ú%at stomach if that's what you're goinn for. that's problee.%all righttas . talk about whattthat is..3 some people may not kkow what that is??33 >> it'ssan rtificial sweetener. ii's found in an array of itts 1 of the most pppular sweeters out there righh nnw. >> and people switch to that if3 ú-the suuar.hey''e getting off >> it's in diet ssdaa, it's in a lot of foods. >> what ii the problem with that? %-artificial there are sweeteners that are made from suuar thht are made bbtter for you..33 or sugar is allost etter for you.
8:38 am
effects on your hhalth. >> so all of it is in moderatioú because you may not be able to get away from the sodium and the aspartame. okay?aaler mounts wouud it be3 >> i mean it's approved by the fda, but you definitely want to look to keep it in smmll amounts. there are alss health problemm aspartame such as depression and ú%xiety, as well as hearing impairment, blindness. >> you just want to know what is ú% your food is the first place toostart and keep it under -ontrol. >> absolutely. %-we appreciate it?k you so muc. >> for more information go toú coming up they say the sky is limit. >> am i crazz or brave? >> the high morning.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
hurricaae that is very strong -own to south and east of us on the eastern seaboard. it's quiet before the storm. foo most of us it should remain3 quiet. ú%'s on the southern part of the eastern shore that we're most concerned about, essecially worcester kaine. let's take a look -- couuty. lee's take a look at the computer odels which is %-offshoreeanddaway from us. no direct hit, that doosn't mean that we can rest easy because there's goinn to be high winds is high surf there. that's why we have a tropical storm warning and a hurriiane watch and the west side of the %-fllod watch. uuder a coaatalú
8:42 am
obviousll nottquite somethinn that we need tt ignore, but it won't be quite s impactful the further weet you go. the a category iv hurricane, ttat is faiily strong for this far north in he tlantic ocean. you can see riiht now 45 miles 569 miles south of ocean cityyat ú%is poinn in time. the closer viee shhws that you it does miss as faa as direct impact. i wanttto reiterate that there could be strong rip currents and strong winds asswell heavy downpours. ú%e the orangg there. that's the area of tropical ssorm winds. you see that moving over on the southern part of the chesapeake bay and north eaat and there could be strong windss,about 50-mil-mile--n-hour winns and te ú%rf could bb highest 50 to 50 5 to 20 ffet.
8:43 am
concern for us nearly as much..3 furthhr points easttwe're seeing gaston, a another one that we need to watch. ú%ill too early to tell what the final trrck willlbe. as you can seeeit's moving toward the west. over the next several daas, it bears atching. this is most activity part oo the tropical storm season. it's looking liie we got moreeon high pressure that is going to hoff off to the east. it's bring the sun today but it will help to pull it out to sea. earl we are going to see ii move out of here as quickly as it will quicklyymove through tomorrow as it accelerates the northhand east. cape hatteras the late ef possible damage wiil be in that area. we will be watching closely as we move north. drier air aad for the holiday weekend, labor day weekend looking great as the %-get more sunshine in here the. for now, here is a look at the temperatures, 77 degrees, itt' onnthe wwrm side for theestart
8:44 am
oo he day. d.c. and that will be comfortable to staa there, it won't, 72 hagersttwn. -limb well -- at least well into the 80s for most if not 90s. 87 degrees for the easttrn shore where we will get more cloud cover later this afterroon..33 -ostly sunnn to start. expect a littte bit more in the ahead of earl later on thisú afternoon into the eveeing. 93 for tth high. another hot day and back to the west, 93 degrees with more sunshine since you will be %-cirrus clouds that will be ú%ving off ahead of earl's passing to the northeast. the overnight low that is warm. and the 69 is what we drop to this time of the year. 89 degrees forrtomorrow looking okay for most of us outtide of3 %-inland.rr shore further otherwise, 80 degrees on saturday, cooler anddlookiig a wholeellt more coofortable..3 sunday the same. 83 for monday, aad 90 for the ú%urrday and wedneeday.
8:45 am
neerr80 degrees eacc day for later this weeeend ooceeww get vvry nice conditiins with a lot of sunshine then. %-patrice ann egan.o you where earl is expected to go by ú%ing to let's et the latest on the3 the traffic edge..3 downttwnnexpect delays raveling northbound martin luther king boulevaad..3 if you're traveling on the west side of the beltwaa, expeet slow speeds, 17 miles per ourú clocking oo the inner loop there at iberty road.ú ú%'s going to be pretty slow and that will exist as we mmke the push towwrd 95. if you're traveling the beltway in parkville it wiil remain
8:46 am
heavy taking a life look at harper road. it's going ttomake a slow ride as you make the push oward providence road. ú%eeds are only clocking in at 13 mmles per hoor allng the %-ride frommwhittmarsh ouuevard that's the traffic edge report. patricceaad megan. back tooyou. ttank you, lauren..3 still to comm reach for the stars. -p>> am i crazy r brave. >> the high sscool reunnonnthat
8:47 am
8:48 am
>>nee government statistics confirm what we have known all along, men ate going to the they are 24% less likely to have
8:49 am
do not only need to exercise, but they nned 5 crucial tests to avoid a health crisis. >> every notice that men spend as men reach middle age, they require more service just like ú %-once a man reaches 40, he shod see his primary care examiiatioú every one to 5 years. here is five importtntttests everman 40 or over needs. regularrcholesterol screening. %-yearr.pressure test very two a body mass index cclculation. starting at agee50 olorrctal scceening and men 65 and overr3 whoohaveesmoked, should have th3 -octor screen them for an aortic aneurysm. if a man n your life ii 40 or over urgeehii to make an appointment. like his car, regular maintenance will keep him i'm dr. mollica marshal.
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plus add a line for just 9.99. but hurry - offer ends march 31st ! families can connect for less at verizon. but hurry - offer ends march 31st ! a grouu of classmates from a minneapolis high school found an unusual way to celebrate heir birthhays. they had a reunion high above the grounn. >> repprter: weelike to think of our high school graduates as
8:53 am
soaring into the future. >> reporter: the minneapolis ceetral class of nan 58 fiially. >> they are crazy or bbave. >> they're about to deliverron >> let's jump from a plane. >> reeorter: hank thought something special was in order as the members of the class of 19588marked their birthday. >> we all turred 70, iisaid that is ii. it's now. %-answered the call.smates ú% we're going to say, ready, set go and push you out. -> reporter: 52 yearr past graduatiin, they are on their way to 10,000 feet with morr classmates on the ground to offer support.
8:54 am
>> i hope joy doesn't tinkle her pants. >> reporter: the class of '5883 gave notice. it still has plenty of life left. it really doesn't mattee how they ranked inn1958. today every jumper was attthe top of the ccass. ove it. >> i do, too. -p>> i think everybodyyshould go sky diving. >> have you done it? >> yes. it was amazznn. - did it for up toothe challenge.ú -p>> ou didn't tinkle your pans like joyce. >> i did not, but she had her depeeds ready. on my 70th birthdaa. >> no. >>i got sometime.
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
this is and more. >> did you know, jussin bieber is coming toothe fair. he is feeturing and performing ú%%-it's september th.ú% that show is sold out, bbt you can win tickets from us, here on fox 45 morning news. ourrphone lines always ringing off thh hook.ú%tickkts tooay, be in tomorrow morning for your chance to win. this is our final pair of tickets. so stay uned, i'm sure it's going to be crazy. >> he is a ig deal. we kind of lawstled about it a increddile to see the younger
8:58 am
geenratiin go crazy over him. i went crazy like that with michael jack on. i would beeccllingga newwú station. >> i would be concerred, if you steve, went crazy over him? >> right [ laughter ]3 >> why? >> because you have bigger things to alkkabout. you have earl to taak about. it may not be bieber but it3 still has strong power associated withhit. hoffs towarmoves toward the eesn seaboard it will be a problem for the ocean city area. we have tropical stoom warnin3 in place for the worcestee area and hurricane watch for ttat area, too. -trong winds and high surf. itts goiig to be a roblem for ú%at part of he state only. the rest of us looking pretty good. we're up in the 90s today but
8:59 am
then it will cool a little tomorrow and 80 degrees for the saturday, 80 degrees for ssnday and labor day monday, 83, and 87 and 90 for your tuesday and wednesday. people are headed there, you know, we have jeff able out i will be there tomorrow. if you're going there and want to foe what th know what the wes shaping, we will be there tomorroo. >> you have your rain gear.ú >> i have my rain ear. %-tomorrow to head to ocean city a good idea. >> ssay tuned to 5:330 to get th lateet on earl. we will see you here tomorrow.


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